To Chase, Or Not To Chase The Mouse

How useful is a computer without a mouse?  Pretty useless, wouldn’t you agree?  In a pinch, you can use the Tab and Enter keys, but it is not always easy to tell where the Tab has moved to, if it has moved at all.

Due to having C.P., I can’t use a standard mouse. I just don’t have the fine motor skills it takes to operate  a mouse. I have had an adapted mouse\joystick that has well placed function buttons under a grid to prevent me from hitting a command I don’t want to make. I had two such joysticks. One for home use, and the other for work.    As it turns out, both joysticks stopped working the same week. What are the odds of that happening?

I suspected the joystick at home was on it’s way out. In preparation, I went to Best Buy, and bought the only thing I thought might halfway work. A wireless Trackball, an upside down mouse, if you can picture that. I knew it wasn’t exactly what I needed, and that it would cause me loads of frustrations, because the buttons were too close together. However, for a quick fix, I told myself I could make it work!

I played a lot of solitaire, just to practice using the Trackball. Strangely enough, I discovered I could control the Trackball better if it was turned around, so that the mouse moves in the opposite direction that it usually goes in. By using it this way, I’m less  likely to press unwanted keys. Within a couple of weeks I was pretty pleased with how well I was using the trackball; I was actually winning some games!  However, when I tried to do some finite work, using the trackball became the most amazingly frustrating chore ever!  I would get the mouse exactly where I wanted it, only I couldn’t depress the right click, or I’d get so excited that I found the mark, that a wayward finger would brush against the ball and send the mouse clear across the screen.

I have a vivid fantasy of picking up the trackball, and flinging it out of my room, down the hallway, and running it over and over and over again until it is crushed into millions of tiny pieces!  Fortunately, for the trackball, it is shaped so irregularly that I can’t get a good grasp on it to throw it. Even if I did manage to throw the trackball, my new power chair would merely push it around until the wheel found a way to skirt past it!  Anyway, crushing the trackball would do no good service to myself. However, the act of describing my fantasy got out my frustrations!  Ah, the power of writing!

To be continued…………



It’s Picture Time

It is high time I show off a toy I bought with some Christmas money!  I had been wanting a digital camera for a long time.  My brother and sister-in-law gave me the means to buy a Samsung Camera.  I researched several cameras.  I liked what I saw in the Samsung, and happened to catch it on sale in January.  Normally the camera is selling for $150.00.  I think I paid $110.00 fot it.  I was quite pleased with my purchase!
Below:   (Left to right) My niece-in-law holding her baby and my great niece  Payton, and aunt  holding another great niece Khloe.  Since there were five babies in the family being born wirhin months apart, my aunt thought it would be fun to have a joint shower.  It was fun, but oh so hard on the pocketbook!  I know, I know, my little great nieces are adorable, thanks!

Baby shower

Flowering plant in my kitchen

I never wanted a black cat, but somehow she wormed her way into my heart.  The name Hell-ga fits her.  She’s energy on four paws.  See that white and orange ball in the background?  Helga will throw it up in the air. and sometimes catches it.  The balls can reach five to six feet in hieght.  Sometimes the balls  land in strange places, like in my backpack, or I’ll feel something soft hitting my back.  She’s more entertaining then the TV.  I will try to get someone to capture her on video with my camera!

My kitty Helga

Remembering Duke

Remember back in November, I wrote a post about my dog, Duke?  Well, here is just a few things that I miss about him. 

I miss Duke’s licks(kisses).  Sometimes I’d be busy at my computer, and he’d come in  to give me a kiss.  It  wouldn’t be until a little later that I would realize he had done so.    I would just smIle with the knowledge that I was loved, then I would try to remember to give him an extra long pat when I took a break!   

I miss Duke finishing the yucky end of bananas, or cleaning out the last bit of yogurt when I couldn’t eat it all.  Now I have to suffer through eating them all by myself.  Duke was my own personal  hoover vacuum!  He cleaned my floor while I ate.  Now I need to ask my personal assistants to sweep my floor after every meal. 

I miss  our walks!  I thought Duke  looked so majestic when he walked next to me.  I think he was conveying to the world, “Hey, look at me, I’m out walking with my lady, and I couldn’t be prouder!”   As we would pass fenced in yards, the dogs within would start barking at us.  Duke never barked back, if anything his grin became wider, and I think if he could he would have challenged the dogs to beg their humans to take them for walks, too!

I miss having Duke lay on my feet!  It was sure nice when my feet were icy, Duke was better than a heating pad!   I used to  think  of him like my big fluffy  pillow.  Well, at least his coat and skin were soft, but weighing at an average 75 to 90 pounds he was good at playing  an anchor, or  a huge bolder that frequently held me captive  in  boxed in places.   Like in my room, for instance. my desk is in front of me, my bed is in back of me, and a wall is to the right of me.   The only escape is a narrow path on the left of me.  If Duke decided to lay right in the middle of the said pathway, I was frankly trapped until he moved.    I finally  got smart and kept treats in reach, if he got up when I asked, he would be rewarded.   However, if he remained like a stone, I was simply S T U C K until at last Duke  remembered he was a dog and not a rock, and slowly stretched and got up, as if to say, “Okay, I am done ignoring you now!  What are we going to do now?  Walk, eat, how about a nice rump scratch? ”    I do not especially miss those times when I had to wait for her to move!

I miss Duke at my side when I have to open my front door!  I could at least imagine that the big red dog beside me was intimidating!  Duke would more likely lick a person to death rather attack someone, but I like to think he would protect me if there was any real threat.   His tail could whip someone really good!  Oh wait, it was me who usually got whipped by a happy tail!

When friends ask me if I have considered getting another dog, I am thinking how could I possibly find an awesome dog like Duke.  I doubt one exists!   It shocks me to no end when I hear my family ask me if I will get another dog.  They were not that keen of me getting Duke, but then he was just a puppy, and a male, at that.  I had my qualms, too!  Duke was not a perfect dog by  all means, but he was eager to please me more often than not, and that made all the difference!  Maybe my family figures I didn’t do so bad by Duke after all.   I highly doubt I will find myself getting another dog, if I do you, my wonderful readers will be the one of the  firsts to know!