No more excuses

Happy New year, everyone!  As you can clearly see, I have taken a hiatus from
writing. I was not intending on doing so. In my  head I had a few great posts
all laid out, but typing them out seemed like pulling all my teeth out,
parachuting out of a small airplane, ascending Mt. Everest, and hearing the
sound of fingernails scrapping against a chalkboard,  all rolled in together!
I had every excuse in the book, too!

  • I had many broken fingernails.  I am virtually rendered immobile when I have a  broken nail.  Every time a ragged nail brushes across an object I am set into orbit.  I mean it could be the smallest rip, and I feel it acutely!  My nails are paper thin, so they break easily. I do know I can harden them up of by applying topcoat regularly.  I just need to make it a weekly routine.
  • My back or my hip hurts. If I wake up with hip pain, my usual method of relief is stretching out in my recliner until the pain is relaxed enough so that I can go about my day. It is just plain tiring holding myself up while I am typing. I will find any excuse to move away from the computer for a time while I get out the kinks. Moving around is good for the body, I tell myself when I think I have just settled in from a trip to the bathroom not more than fifteen minutes ago.
  • I will want to escape my reality by reading novels.  The temptation to ditch my work is intensified when I stumble upon a page-turner!  In those times I have to give myself goals to reach before I can pick up the book again!  I will say, “Okay, you have to finish the rough draft of this post, before you can read another chapter of the book!  Just think how good you will feel when you really earned that reading time!”
    Side note: A Dean Koontz novel every six months to a year, gives your brain a good and thrilling workout!  I highly recommend, Life Expectancy!   It’s charming, witty, and most certainly a page turner
  • I have to take a break at 4:00 during the week to watch Oprah!  I don’t know what I am going to do after the last show is aired!  I guess then I will be forced to add the OWN channel to my cable package.
  • I signed on to facebook sometime in August, which I was somewhat pleased with, because within about an hour I had something like Twenty-five friends. It’s a great communication tool, and something I should thrive on, if I am not too afraid I would write something that people would chastise me about.  Then thirty-eight hours later my dear sweet sister whom I love and adore, suggested that I start playing Farmville and Zoo World. Well, I love playing games, especially interactive ones where I am playing with family and friends.  I love the challenge of playing games, and this was a chance to triumph over my sister!  Hours of play can pass like mere seconds.

What I didn’t understand when I began playing, was that by posting my
accomplishments with the games, I was essentially burying my correspondences
with friends.  I didn’t like that in the least, so by the encouragement of a
veteran user of facebook, I started erasing the gaming posts, even stopped the
posts from happening at all.  I got an ear full of criticism from my sister the
next time I saw her!  She said I was a lousy, selfish neighbor.  Through her, I
learned that my fellow neighbors were waiting with baited breath for me to post
my accomplishments on the game, so that they may also benefit from my

So, here I am stuck between the thought of wouldn’t it be fun to strike up some
interesting dialogue with my friends, and wanting to just kick back and build a
farm that stuns my neighbors.   Do you see the ironic dilemma I am in?  My
friends who merely use facebook for social networking tease and ridicule me for
playing these silly games!  I do agree, the games are totally silly and a
frivolous way to spend ones time!  While on the other hand, my mom who is 80+
has just started playing Zoo World, and it is fun seeing her getting into the
game.  Now I play mainly for her!  I have thought about creating another
facebook account, about I don’t want to juggle between the two.

Could I be in a depressed mind set?  Sure, the signs are definitely there!
Losing my dad, noticing everyone around me not excluding myself aging, living in
times where terrorists could potentially be living in my neck of the woods, and
hiding out because I have a gigantic pimple on my chin.  My sister thinks the
pimple is similar to Horton’s puffball flower.  However, instead of little Whos
running around, I have a whole country full of zombies.  (Ooh!  I have been
reading too much of Dean Koontz.  The family in Life Expectancy rarely had a
conversation that didn’t turn onto crazy tangents!)

Why am I exposing my pet excuses for the world to read? Well, I have to give
myself a kick in the butt somehow!  I figure if my readers knew the truth, I’m
going to work like mad to make you never think, “I wonder what excuses she is
clinging onto today?  While I am not about to promise to post something every
day, that’s just insane of me!  I can commit to publishing posts every other
week.  If by some freak advent I have the writing bug, then hallelujah I get to
treat myself to lunch out, or to a movie.  Then as an extra bonus, I will
report on some aspect of the festivities!

There you have it, my new year’s resolution.

Isn’t it incredible what people invent?

Check out the following link.

Maybe I need one of these helmets! I could simply think of what I want to type, and it would magically appear on the screen. Lately I have lots to write about but little to no energy to do the actual typing. I would most likely jamm the device up, because of my rumbling and tumbling thoughts.

Never mind! At second look, I would not like to wear the helmet! I like my hair to look nice whenever possible, and sweaty helmet hair is one of the worse looks in my opinion! If I could not communicate anyway else then I would adorn the helmet and be appreciative I had it.

Picking Out A Good Name, Help!

I have not officially named my blog yet!  The name now appearing maybe temporary, or it may be the one that will stick.  There is another cool feature to this site.  I can now run polls to see what people think.  With that in mind, you can be instrumental in helping me choose the name for this blog.  Please take the poll that is below.

Well, as with new programs, they can be a little tricky to figure out!  I have tried, and tried to figure out how to import the poll I have created, but so far I have not been successful.  I know it’s probably something simple that I’m just not doing.  I will figure it out, I hope sooner then later!  

However,  I am anxious to send out my new link to the blog to family and friends, and receive some assistance with choosing a name.   I’m just going to list some possible below, and you all can vote by sending me comments. 

If you come up with another idea for a name, I welcome your ideas as well.  Keep in mind, I want a name that will be simple for people to remember, and easy enough to type into the address field.  I will be awarding a prize to the person who comes up with the winning name! 

The possible choices are listed below:

1.  Four Wheeling Through Life

2.  The Augmentative Father’s Daughter

3.   tAACkling topics with Jan  

4.   Rollimng Over Barriers  

5.  Jan’s blog ACCtion  

6.  Terror On Wheels

The voting starts. . . .  Now!

This Blog Has A New Home

We moved my blog over here to  last week.  The new posts I write will still be fed onto OHSU’s blog page, however I have more freedom  to be creative over here.

I think you will notice some nice features.  I can dress up my psage so it will reflect my personality.  I am able event categories for the different topics that I write on.  It works, I have tested it out.  If you scroll a little down the page you will see the lists of categories on your right.  Just click on the category that interests you, and all the posts on that subject will appear.  Is that cool, or what!

You may notice that most of the posts are dated on the same day.  I am nowhere nearly that prolific with my writing.  It just reflects  the date the posts were transfered to this site.    You will find the true date each post was created right underneath the dateline.  At somepoint I may fix the dates, so you may hold off adding my blog to your personal blog reader.  If you have not heard of a blog reader, it was developed  for people who like reading multiple blogs.  Instead of visiting each blog site, you can set up a blog reader on most e-mail programs.  Whenever a new entry is posted it will show up in your reader.  It saves on checking on your favorite blog to see if it has been updated .  In my opinion, Google’s Reader is the easiest to set up. 

Another exciting fact about driving to is that now family, friends, and interested readers can now post comments so much easier here.  I will try hard to answer yourcomment in a timely fashion!

Hello world!


Welcome to my first blog!

Hello!  I am Jan, and welcome to my first blog! 


Starting a blog is not the easiest thing to do!  I wanted to begin by being all mysterious, and weaving a true story that would leave you with a bunch of questions wondering who I am.  But, I can not do that, because that’s not who I am.  Well, maybe I am a little like that, because unless people take the time to get to know my inner spirit, they don’t really me at all!  Of course, this statement is true for everyone; no one knows anyone until someone decides to take the time to  get to know an individual that somehow catches their interest. 


Since you are reading my blog, let me paint a word mosaic of me, myself and I! 


I am. . . . .   


My parent’s daughter.

A granddaughter.

A niece.

The youngest of five siblings (two sisters and two brothers). .

A cousin to many.

A sister-in-law.   

An Aunt ten times over (five nieces and five nephews).   

A dairy farmer’s daughter.

I am fascinated by how plants grow! 

A bird watcher.   

A member of  a Baptist church family. 

A reader.

A writer.   

A person who loves playing board games.

An animal enthusiast.

A movie buff.

A want-to-be-world-traveler,

An up beat person who  sees the cup as half full.   

A person who pays the rent on her apartment, and the rest of her bills on time.

A Self Advocate.

A public speaker.

A member of Oregon’s Developmental Disabilities Council.

The Chairperson of the Self-Advocacy Committee.

And, an employee of the Oregon Health and Sciences University.

I am Jan Staehely. 

I think I am missing something here!  What is it?  I am afraid of bugs, especially bees and creepy  crawling spiders.  I have a dog named Duke, and an aloof  cat named Danke (the German word for thank you).   

I am still missing something.  Oh, what is it?    I am looking around at my personal space.  A communication device and part of a wheelchair come into my view.  That’s it! Now I remember!  I have Cerebral Palsy (CP). 

I bet you’re wondering, can she truly forget she has CP?  Not in the general sense that I am reliant on a wheelchair, or use an device to be understood.  However, sometimes when I am out in the community and feel people staring at me, for a second I panic and wonder do I have my breakfast all over my face, did I forget to have my hair brushed, or zip up my pants, or am I dressed at all?  Then it hits me, oh they are staring at my disability. 

My Mom was never shy about explaining my physical condition. to people  I  remember being out shopping, and women would come up to Mom  and say, “My, your little one looks so tired!”  My head would snap to attention, and I know mom saw the defiant look in my big brown eyes.  She would smile at me, and still smiling turned towards the woman and say, “No!  My daughter is not tired.  Jan just has Cerebral Palsy.  Basically, her brain and the wiring to her muscles have trouble communicating. Everything she does takes extra effort for her to do.  When she does relax her head tends to fall to the side.  Despite all those faulty wires running through her body, Jan is highly intelligent!” I  know this because every day I see her determination to emulate her sisters and brothers, and her wit is uncanny.”   These people  would walk away from us thanking Mom for being so candid with them.  

In this way, I was  taught that unless I tell people precisely what has made me stand out from other humans, not many individuals  would attempt to get to know the real Jan.  Whenever I see a child looking at me curiously, I want the chance  to help them learn about why I am in a power chair.  It saddens me when parents discover their children looking at me, and quickly usher them away.  I don’t know what they are telling them, if anything at all.  However, to me, they are teaching their kids to be afraid of a person who has a noticeable disabilities.   

Sometimes an open minded parent will let their child approach me.  If I am caught off guard it can take me a few seconds to get my muscles ready to work my communication device.  I rarely get past saying hello, before they wander off from me.  I don’t blame them for walking away: They have no idea what I am doing.  For all they know I could just be spazzing out, and I know that can be scary for a kid.  Another factor is that a minute can seem like an enternity for someone that doesn’t know what is going on.   

 However, once in a while someone will stay and listen to what I have to say. I know we are having a good conversation when the child or adult understands me through my communication device.  When that person and I part ways,  I think I just experienced  a successful day! 

Now I don’t particularly think my life is all that interesting, but who ever thinks their existence will be something people want to learn about, right?   However, after so many years of my  friends and family telling me they learn from my life through my writings, slowly that message has sunk into my head!  Since I have a lot of stories  piled skyscraper high  in my 41 years young mind, I need to get them out!  I lhope you like the adventure! 

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