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This blog follows my life.  I have a disability called Cerebral Palsy.  Since all four of my limbs, plus my speech is affected by the disability, doctors say that I am severly disabled.  However, if you ask me, I will tell you that there are people living with more complex disabilities than me. 

I have four older brothers and sisters, they are all free from disabilities.   Except they have lived alongside of me, so they know firsthand the roller coaster ride I have been on!   I credit my sisters and brothers, my parents and the rest of my extended family for helping me to be a well adapted, level thinking person. 

Since communicating with my voice was difficult, and frustrating for not only me but for my family as well; I learned real quick to use a typewriter to express myself with words.   You know how bees are attracted to flowers, that’s how my people responded to my writing.  I would be fervently typing away, and jump out of my skin when I felt hot breaths on my neck.  Someone would be standing there reading over my shoulder.  There was no privacy when it came to my words! 

I became good at writing letters asking for things.  My dad received several such letters.  One letter asked him to have a ramp built so that I could get into our house without having to struggle.  My brother got the job of building the ramp.  Another letter had the audacity to ask my dad the dairy farmer, to take a few days off so his two youngest daughters could go on a vacation with him.  One day I might write an entry about an incident that occurred on that trip. 

This blog is dedicated to all the people who have encouraged me to write about my life.  I want you to all know, that I have heard you, and I hope you like what you will read.  For those of you who stumble onto this blog, it is my sincere hope that you will also like what you read, and perhaps learn something from my life.  

The contenst in this blog is listed below:

 1.  Living with a disability called Cerebral Palsy. 

 2.  Growing up on a farm. 

 3.  My schooling experiences.  Attending a “special”  school, and then being mainstreamed into the regular school system.    

 4.  Communicating through Augmentative and  Alternative  Communication (AAC). 

 5.  Apartment life, living independentl, or supportive living.  . 

 6.  Dealing with personal assistants. 

 7.  Transportation, good and bad experiences.   

 8.  Being an self advocate.

  9.  Words of wisdom, or knowledge is power. 

10.  Miscellaneous memories and stories.

Thank you! 


10 Responses

  1. DEALING with personal assistants!

  2. Hi Jan – This is fabulous – I love the intro to your blog here – Thanks for being so willing to share your stories with us.


  3. Dear Jan,
    I am a parplegic Viet Nam era veteran…1965-1968. Enopgh about me.
    Here’s a little saying I made up back in 2005,
    May the glories of God
    astound you…and
    May the love of God
    ssurround you..TRW

  4. Hi Jan,
    this is Julie and Natasha here! all way from UK. Jen just led me to your blog. Will get to read more when NLB busy! she uses Facebook a bit, trying to get her to write about her life of the moment.
    best regards

  5. Hi Jan.

    I was filpping through your index of past blogs and came across Remembering Duke. I really enjoyed reading that blog since I had the pleasure of meeting Duke on many occasions – usually at meetings. And I must say, he was more appropriate in meetings than some people. The hardest part for me about being around Duke was having to resist petting him while he was working – although you did give me permission to do so from time to time.

    Thanks for the fond memories.


  6. I like your blog. Also, i like number #9’s saying ! : )

    Words of Wisdom, or knowledge is power.

    • Thanks Julie! I hope to add to words of wisdom in the near future. So, stay in tune!

  7. Hello Jan,

    I love your blog and the great stories, I can relate to the craving for something sweet. I love chocolate of any kind, candy, cakes, peanut M&M’s and much more. This is a wonderful way to share your thoughts and experiences. Keep it up.

  8. Hi Jan~ It is me, Aimee, newest member to Melanie’s Team, we have met recently in the office (twice!). Thanks so much for sharing your blog with me. You are an incredible writer!!!

  9. YES! You are wonderful and so are your words! So happy you are doing this.

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