My Pet Peeves

– One pet peeve of mine occurs after someone asks me a question. If I don’t come up with a response right away, they will repeat their question. I have heard the question, I am just thinking of the answer I want to reply with. 

Due to my disarthric speech, I just can’t say anything I want and be understood.  I have to think out what I want to say before I articulate my thought.  Or, sometimes it’s only a matter of making a decision.  I am the worst at making up my mind.  Lately, I have a personal assistant who if I don’t answer her question immediately, she will start repeating the question.  I mean when someone is asking, “What do you want to drink?  What do you want to drink?  What do you what to drink?”  I am so temted to say water, just to get her off my back.  She’s not picking up on my body language that is screaming, “You are annoying me!  Please, relax and let me decide what I want in peace.”  It could possibly be that my stomach is a little upset, and I’m trying to decide on what liquid would feel best in my stomach.  At the very least, she should give me the courtesy to have ten seconds to think about what I want before asking me a second or third time. 

– Another pet peeve of mine, is people patting me on my head.

I think it irritates me so because it’s a jester of showing affection to a family dog.  Sometimes I feel like panting or barking like a dog at the person who is patting me on the head. So far, I have managed to restrain myself, but oh the impulse is strong sometimes!  I can truly see the temptation that people may have for patting my head, sitting in a wheelchair, I’m always at the perfect height to receive those affectionate pats!  While I see the hand coming, I’m thinking, please don’t muse the hair!  Personal assistants who are good with hair are not easy to come across!   I can only tolerate it when certain special people pat my head. 

– Yet another pet peeve, is when someone directs a question to my personal assistant, when they should be asking me. 

I have personal assistants to help me to do physical things, not to do my thinking! 

– When I go to concerts, it is frustrating and annoying when people stand in front of me to get a better view. 

I know they paid good money for those seats, but so have I, most of the time.  I remember once my sister and I were at the state fair.  Andy Gibb was in concert, back then he was the hottest star, or at least close to it.  I was in my manual wheelchair, so Carol had full control of pushing me.  There were people everywhere shoving to get a better view of the stage.  Carol merely joined in the pushing crowd.  Only I had foot rests that pushed against peoples ankles.  People turned to frown at us.  However, when they saw me, their attitude changed and they would mostly step aside to let us through.  Eventually, we came to an impasse, and we were content to stay there.  I just hoped people realized that I wasn’t the one pushing my wheelchair!  I just wish people would show other ways of appreciating the music, other then standing up and swaying to it! 

– I get irritated  when I need to use a public bathroom, and it’s not accessible to me! 

The other day, I was at the doctor’s office.  After my appointment, I had to use the bathroom.  I couldn’t use it because my wheelchair was blocking the door from shutting.  If I had taken my foot rests and backpack off, maybe the door would have closed.   But of course, I thought about that after I got home. 

– It drives me crazy when people ask me two questions at a time! 

Which question do I answer first?  Recently, I was on the bus going to church.  The driver asked me which street would be best to go down, eighth or ninth.  I realize this is technically one question,but It felt like to questions to me.  I just wanted to be able to answer by saying no A, and yes to B.    indicating yes  is so much easier then getting my vocal cords  to pronounce “ninth”.   However, I knew the driver would get confused, so as fast as I could, I punched ninth on my communication device and blasted it so he could hear me over the noisy bus.  He understood me!  Hallelujah!      Tip:  If you ask me a either or question, give me an option of choosing A B or C. 

– I can hardly tolerate cigarette smoke! 

I start choking, gagging and or sneezing if I can detect the slightest whiff  of cigarette smoke.  I have several personal assistants who smoke cigarettes outside and away from me.  I make them wash their hands and spray some perfume on before they help me.  Once I was taking a shower  when my personal assistants were changing shifts.  I was in a nice relaxing sweet   smelling steam room, and the next second I was breathing in   stinky,  dirty cigarette air.   I was livid within seconds.  She said I was too sensitive.   Maybe I am!  However, if the tables were turned, would it be any different?  if she  absolutely abhorred cigarette smoke,  and I had entered her bathroom in a a asmelly smoke cloud, I bet she wouldn’t have been too happpy, either! 

 More is likely to come!

2 Responses

  1. This is my favorite section Jan…keep ’em coming. 🙂 And I’ll remember to pat you on your head on Thursday….

    • I may think you a terrific guy, and great to talk with. However, touch my head, and you’ll receive one of either two things. A. One of my special scary looks that I’ve been told I’m quite capable of! Or, B. Well, wouldn’t you like to know! Anyway, you’re not over 70, and have not been in my life forever, which qualifies as “special” to me!

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