Last Ditch Effort

The dreaded house!

The dreaded house!

If you have subscribed to get fresh new posts sent to your e-mail. Thank you! Please note, this post was written in December 2012. For some reason I couldn’t post it at that time, but I feel it is important to share!

In mid November, the agency who provides my supports, declared that if a suitable house was not found by December 15th, they would have to drop the two of us from their service. However, they officially opened the house hunt to our families. I felt that gesture was way over due! My sister and cohort’s mom, (He will not be my mate in any form. Another definition for cohort is warrior. I can agree that we both demonstrate vigor on a daily basis.)  joined forces and found a house within the allotted time, sometime around the second week in December.

My first viewing of the house was emotional. My heart was in my throat, and I was close to tears the whole time I was there. The house had most of my requirements. large open floor kitchen and living room, two bathrooms, three bedrooms.

However, I wanted at least one of the bedrooms and baths on the opposite side of house. I have mentioned before that my soon to be cohort Likes playing his TV and stereo  simultaneously and loudly, so I was hoping we would have a larger divide between us.  However, all three bedrooms are down the same hallway.  I was also a bit delusional to ever dream to have  a small den that we could either use as a office and or entertainment room to hide out in when one of us has company and want to have somewhere private to take them besides our bedrooms. What was was I thinking!

I had  a week or two to decide if the house  was a good fit.  I had panic attacks because in My mind’s eye as the house filled up with our things, the house became  smaller and smaller until I was trapped in a small square box!  Horrid nightmare.

Then a little voice of reason popped into my head; I could  A.  go with this house with only one cohort and be within walking distance to a slew of restaurants and stores, or  B.   hold out for a bigger house but risk the chance of gaining another cohort?  Since I went so long without opting for option C.  Which was fleeing from  my current agency, and finding an agency that supported people in their apartments. Only option A was doable.

I was given a little sprinkle of hope, I was told if I truly was unhappy with the living situation, after a year I could Switch to another agency. As good as that may sound I could be moving from one unsatisfactory situation to another one. I don’t know if I will take that risk. Glumly, with a lump in my throat, I excepted I was moving into that house.