The Long, Long Healing Process

So, I came home from ER wearing no splint or any subscriptions for my pain. Not that I ever want to take painkillers. I could be in unbearable pain, and refuse to take an aspirin.

I have a couple of  aversions to taking any type of medicine:

1.  I am afraid of taking any medicine that might be harmful to my body.

And 2.  I have a terrible gag reflex that makes it difficult to swallow medicine.  So much so that quite often it is simply easier to live with the pain.

The spastic side of my CP was kicking into overdrive.  Having no bandage on my finger meant I had to stabilize my left hand, so that I wouldn’t keep banging my finger on things.  My only means of stabilizing my left hand was by using my right hand. I would grab a hold of my left thumb, and let my fingers rest on top of  the back of my right hand. When that position began to ache, I would let go of my thumb and grab my two little fingers, and again rest my fingers on the back of my right hand.  When that hold got tiresome, I would press my left hand flat on my chest, and hold it there with my right hand. Eventually, that position became unbearable, and I would start that whole sequence of positions all over again.

My left arm and hand were behaving like two completely foreign body parts.   Before my unfortunate accident with the keyguard, if I was concentrating on my work  or simply reading, I would find my left arm and hand curled up near my armpit.  I would easily bat it down with my right hand and place  my left hand between my thighs until it relaxed, only then could I go back to what I was doing. However, after the accident, my arm and hand are impossible to relax.   There was just no way to relax the arm;, no matter what tactic i used.

By the end of day three or four,  I relented, and started taking one Ibuprofen at a time. By day six,  I was taking two at a time,  and was enjoying the sweet feel of relief when the ibuprofen kicked in. It was never enough to deaden the pain, but at least I was a little more calmer.

I lost massive amounts of sleep.  I just could not relax no matter what I tried.   Usually if I have trouble sleeping I will physically get out of bed and wander around a bit, or sit on the edge of the bed helps relive some pent up energy, and not even that helped. What I really needed to do was  to stretch out my left arm.  If I succeeded in getting the arm nicely straightened, it folded back  up on itself again once I laid down.  It was very maddening! Most nights I had to  tell myself not  to leave the edge of the bed, because I was so tired I just knew  I would fallen and further injured myself.

It was the hardest thing for me to grasp that in  order to heal, I need to do nothing but relax.  The only way I can fully relax is by watching TV.  So, I watch shows that made me laugh like, 30 Rock, Raising  Hope,  My Name Is Earl, and any show that took my mind off the pain.  Thank goodness I had just purchased a Roku player which allows me to stream Netflix and recent shows on Hulu.  Without that distraction, I don’t know what I would have done, after all laughter is the best medicine!


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