You Should Consider Who May Be Listening When You Open Your Mouth

I am going to take a brief intermission from my finger issues to share an incident I can not got out of my head.

This past weekend the Portland area was plagued with 90 plus degree weather. Heat and I do not get along, so I made plans to go somewhere with air conditioning.  My place of choice was Barns and  Noble in the mall. I figured we could find somewhere to cop-a-squat and read for a few hours. Turns out, lots of people had that same idea, for there was not many seats available, not that I needed one (I have a seat wherever I go), but I wanted my PA to have somewhere to sit.  It felt like we were in the parking lot  circling around hoping a car to abandon a space.

Finally, we found a table in the cafe.  Which begs me to ask the following question.  If you sit in a cafe, are you obligated to buy a drink or something to eat?  anyway we were not sitting at the table too long before a couple came along and sat at the table next to us. It was obviously a first date, because they were asking questions you  ask when you’re getting to know someone. I was all aglow thinking I could be witnessing a budding relationship?

I caught myself eavesdropping, I figured if by chance I’m unexpectedly asked on a date, I could take some notes from this couple.  However, I didn’t envision what happened next. The man was saying, “I’m in very good shape  for someone in mid-sixties. I would rather  be dead then be stuck in a wheelchair!”  Then he thought better of his comment, and started exaggeratedly looking about him to see if he had offended anyone. I was looking straight at him, and he looked EVERYWHERE but at me.  I felt totally invisible.

He had to have seen me there. I am hardy the kind of person who blends into my surroundings! I understand that everybody has the right to think and feel about things. I’m sure if the man had acknowledged my presence, and said “I’m sorry for my comment.”  I would have came away from the occurrence  with a different attitude.

I’m still trying to guess why he would ignore me. Do you think he was trying to get even for my eavesdropping?

In hindsight, I wish I had dramatically  flung my arm over my forehead and exclaimed, “Oh Lord, please take my soul now, because my life is not worth living from a wheelchair!”  Then collapsed in my wheelchair. Do you think he would have got the jist of my soliloquy?


2 Responses

  1. Are you bleeping kidding me?! Holy crap, Jan, I think had I been there, I’d be arrested for assault. Seriously, I would have lost my you know what!

    That is absolutely classless, tactless and from a flipping idiot. I am sorry you had to witness that.

    On the bright side, I am glad you are still writing, keep it up! 🙂

  2. Maybe he would have learned a life lesson!

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