I Did Something Dumb

I hurt myself royally a month ago!     I had the lower half of the keyguard down so I could see the full screen of the Eco.  (For those of you who don’t know, the Eco is my communication device which basically looks like a large Ipad. A keyguard is a grid which covers the touchscreen so that I have something to rest my hand on, allowing me to type just the right key without pressing.too many keys.). The keyguard is in two parts so that when I want to view the whole screen, I can flip either half of the keyguard aside.)  I was also sitting in my powerchair,which put me several inches higher to my kitchen table, then when I’m in my manual.

Suddenly I felt my left index finger slide into a hole in the keyguard, up to my knuckle.  I panicked,  and the next thing I knew I was wrenching the finger out of the keyguard.  As opposed to calling for help, or ripping the keyguard off,   I heard a crack, i am not sure if it was my finger or the keyguard.  Within the hour the finger had swelled, within two to three hours it the a gross shade of black and blue.  I’m trying in vain to keep my left hand still.  My pain level is a high seven.

Having a injury when you have Cerebral Palsy is ten times harder, because my body zeros in on the pain.   Relaxing becomes an intense game of injury verses body.  Many moons ago,  my physical therapist would have me practice relaxing by having me lay down for a half hour,  just relaxing .It was the hardest thing I had to do, and I dreaded those sessions! Now I wish I had mastered the art of relaxing!