Nothing Has happened!

I should give you all an update on my housing situation.   Well, nothing  has changed.  I am still living in my apartment with no prospects of moving any time soon. Of course, I am well aware that the last statement could change at any moment!

In December, when no new developments had happened, and I was stressed  out to the max, (I mean who in their right mind wouldn’t be freaked out knowing that their home life was in jeopardy?)  I wrote to the people in charge of  finding a suitable living situation for me and the gentleman whom I barely know.  In the letter I gave them a timetable of some questions I wanted answered before I could commit to sharing a home with the person in question.

The questions were as followed:

1.  Could I keep my Supported Living status?

2.  Could I keep my Section 8 Housing Stipend?

3.  How much care does the gentleman need?

My letter was never answered.  I am stunned that the letter failed to generate a response I thought at the very least the timetable would produce some needed forward motion.  instead, it just fizzled seemingly as soon as I sent the email.  I didn’t know what to do next. If I became the squeaky wheel,  where would that land me?  In a home where I would flourish, or in some place that I resented, and wishing I had fought like heck to come up with a solution that I could live with.

I am ashamed To say that I feared I wouldn’t keep my backbone straight when I most needed to, and cave in to something because I felt it was  the only option I had. I have to hope and pray that I will sense  some define presence that gives me a strong feeling of making the right decision.

Oh, I would be remiss if I I didn’t add the following bit of  information.   In February a house popped up on the radar. It was about seven blocks from where I’m currently living. Here is the kicker.  Before I could arrange a time to see the house, someone had already snatched it.    Lesson learned!  The next time a possible house is in question, I will call around to my friends and family until I find someone who can take me to see the house.

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