Tunnel Vision

Have you ever been so engrossed in a project, that you let most everything else go by the wayside, and just focused on that one project?  Well, that is exactly what has been happening with me!  I  think it was sometime in March that I was asked to give two presentations.  Actually, I was asked to give four speeches, but I when my eyes bulged out, and I communicated that I was committed somewhere else, people were very understanding.  Why is it when it rains, it pours?

So, I had these two presentations within three weeks of each other, and to tell the truth I really dislike preparing speeches. I love presenting the speeches, but coming up with the content of the speech is the hardest part for me.  I don’t know what people are going to want to hear!  I usually wait until the week before I’m to give the speech, to start working on it. Then have panic attacks the night before I give the speeches, because I feel I did not give it my best!  

 However, I am happy to announce I gave myself  three weeks to work on each speech.  There were some absolutely tortuous times for me,  when I couldn’t come up with specific examples that I knew were in my memory bank somewhere. Then as I was losing hope, an fresh example would fall right into my lap!   Yeah, for fresh examples! 

Adding to my anxiety was the fact that I was using a new communication device to give speech.  I have totally worn out my second communication device in a row.  The Pathfinder’s battery was not holding a charge, and was freezing up at inappropriate times.  So, I was loned the next communication device I am trying to get my insurance plan to cover since it is a medical necessity, called the Eco2.  It uses essentially the same program that I’m used to, except it is in a new frame. 

The Eco2 is  more computer driven, meaning that it has a touch screen, and can act like a big blackberry.  I just loaded in the memory from the Pathfinder, and was pretty much set.   However, this loaned Eco does not have the blackberry functions, so I will have to wait until I get my own device to actually believe that a communication device can indeed act like a blackberry!   

The one problem I had with the Eco, is that the voice that I grew to think of as my second voice, sounded dreadful on the Eco.  For a while I seriously thought about trying out another company that makes communication devices, but I did not want to learn a whol new system.      Determined to find a suitable voice, I spent a day just playing around with the twenty some voices I have available to me. 

Eureka!   I found a voice I like.  However, it’s a different speech generating program.  I am use to using DECtallk /digitalized  voices.  My new voice is Natural speech created by AT&T.  The voice closely resembles a hhhuman’s voice.  Therefore, the breaths and pauses are dramatically different than what I am use to.  I spent hours trying to get just the right breath and tones in. However, as it was a new adjustment, I am sure I did not get everything pitch perfect!   

   I am sure part of my drive to create these two speeches, had something to do with flying to Los Angeles to give the second speech!  I wanted that speech to be worthy of a trip to LA!  Like nearly always,I was making last minute changes five minutes before I gave the speech.  Even if I say so myself,  I am quite pleased with the finished products.