It’s Picture Time

It is high time I show off a toy I bought with some Christmas money!  I had been wanting a digital camera for a long time.  My brother and sister-in-law gave me the means to buy a Samsung Camera.  I researched several cameras.  I liked what I saw in the Samsung, and happened to catch it on sale in January.  Normally the camera is selling for $150.00.  I think I paid $110.00 fot it.  I was quite pleased with my purchase!
Below:   (Left to right) My niece-in-law holding her baby and my great niece  Payton, and aunt  holding another great niece Khloe.  Since there were five babies in the family being born wirhin months apart, my aunt thought it would be fun to have a joint shower.  It was fun, but oh so hard on the pocketbook!  I know, I know, my little great nieces are adorable, thanks!

Baby shower

Flowering plant in my kitchen

I never wanted a black cat, but somehow she wormed her way into my heart.  The name Hell-ga fits her.  She’s energy on four paws.  See that white and orange ball in the background?  Helga will throw it up in the air. and sometimes catches it.  The balls can reach five to six feet in hieght.  Sometimes the balls  land in strange places, like in my backpack, or I’ll feel something soft hitting my back.  She’s more entertaining then the TV.  I will try to get someone to capture her on video with my camera!

My kitty Helga


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