Mutiny in the Waiting Room

When you go to a doctor’s reception room, you usually expect to find a nice quiet, restful place, right?  Well, that was not what I experienced  in one of my last doctor’s appointments.

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment.  One of the florescent lightbulbs in the waiting room was on the verge of dying.  The light was flickering like a strobe light you would find at a night club.  The flickering was driving me nuts!  I felt the tiniest of headaches coming on.  I wondered why nobody was complaining about it to the office staff.  I could feel an irritable tension in the room.

Actually, there were people complaining  around me, it’s just that people were being polite about it.  A woman sitting next to me said she was feeling nauseous.  Someone else said they were feeling dizzy.  I thought it was a ripe place for someone to have a seizure.  People had scowls on their faces and were mumbling things under their breathes.  I am fairly positive that a man asked to use the bathroom just to escape the light.  MyPersonal Assistant (PA), Beth brought a book to read, but the flickering light made it nearly impossible.  She finally ended up shading her eyes with her hand maling it possible for her to read; proving the fact that if you wanted to do something bad enough, you would find someway to do it.  Others sat with their heads bowed and eyes closed.  I followed suit, and tried practicing breathing more deeply!

Beth,  noticed a light switch by the entrance.  She asked the person sitting by it to flip the switch.  It turned off the light that was not flashing!  Doesn’t that just figure!  I asked Beth to see if the office manager could relieve our misery.  She said that I was just as capable at complaining as she was.  The waiting room was packed with people; me navigating my power chair to the reception desk was next to impossible!  She just didn’t want to rock the boat, I got that.  Finally, Beth went up and complained.  She was told they were sorry, but the light would be fixed at their noon break.  Beth felt like they could care less about us.  The woman sitting next us volunteered her husband to remove the light, if they would provide a stepstool.  Of course, that went over like a lead balloon!

It felt like we were apart of a controled group study!  I just know they were sitting behind their receptionists desk, writing down their observations!  I was so relieved when my name was called to go to  the exan room!  Not that I wished this on anyone in the waiting room, but I wished someone would have thrown up in the waiting room, so that the office staff would have had to scamble to get the mess cleaned up!  But more so that the staff would suddenly feel some compassion for the people they were serving.


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