A thoughtful gift

I have received one of the most useful gifts ever this past holiday season!  A friend gave me a lap desk.  I am using the desk to prop up the books I read so that I’m sitting with a better posture while I’m reading!  Technically, I have just used the lap desk to read one book so far, but I know the desk will get plenty of use!  Gone are the days of hunching over books, and holding open books with my elbow!  Gone are the back and neck aches from hours of staying in the same position! 

I remember when I first caught the reading bug!  There was no way I could hold a book in my hands.  I lacked the strength, and the stability to do so!  I would be one very dizzy girl, if I could have held a book, because I’m pretty much in constant motion!   The one way I could hold a book open was to sit W legged style.  To sit this way, your buttom is on the floor, with your calves bent back on each side of your hips.  I would hold the left side of the book open with my knee, and turn pages with my right hand.

I learned almost too late, that W sitting is really bad on the hips!!  I think my left hip is slightly out of place. So far, my hip has not given me much pain, except when the weather turns cold!  After I learned about my hip, I had to figure out new way to sit and read.  I tried side sitting, which is as close to W sitting as I could get.  Initially, I was quite pleased with how I was sitting, with my back resting on a wall.  However, as I began  to get engrossed in the story, my concentration on keeping balance and posture started to ebb away, and I got extremely uncomfortable.  I have tried reading books resting on my lap.  If it was a new paperback, turning the pages could be quite difficult, and often the book would fall to the floor as I flipped to the next page.  Sometimes I would ask a family member who  was close by to turn pages for me.  Sitting bent over reading a book on my lap was taxing on my back!  So, attempt number three at finding a new position to read was reading at the table.  Turning pages was still hard.  Some of the books slided across the table when I went to turn pages!  Some dicem (sticky, non-slip material) helped a lot.  Turning page still was a problem!  My sister thought that the eraser on pencils might be the trick!  She taped cotton balls to the lead end of the pencil, and then wrapped massive amounts of masking tape around the end.  The pencils looked strange to people who did not know the significance of them, but to me they represented a sister’s love!  Or, more accurate, one sister’s desire to be rid of the chore of turning pages for her younger sister!  I can not believe nobody has thought a lap desk would benefit me before now!  I am just grateful for my friend’s concern over my back, and forethought into seeing the lap desk as a possible solution to a lifetimes problem! 

 I have two books I want to recommend to anyone who wants a good read!  The first book on my must read list is: “The Trumpet of the Swan”, by E. B.  White.  A parent will do anything to see his child succeed!  When a Trumpeter Swan sees that one of his ducklings can not communicate with his family and friends, he finds a trumpet for his son to learn to use.  This is a lovely story of learning to communicate even when it seems impossible.  I know, I know this is is a children’s book!  I happen to believe that its good to read children books from time to time, because it brings back a touch of innocence into our lives!  If you have to find a child to read it to, than by all means, do it.   

The second book I am recommending is:  “Petey”, by Ben Mikaelson.  In 1922, Petey is placed in a institution because the affects of his cerebral palsy was causing too much strain on his family.  The institution misdiagnoses Petey, therefore he does not get a proper education.  Sixty year later, Petey is moved to a nursing home where a boy comes to his rescue and the two become friends.  This book is a teen read, however because of it’s subject content, I believe most kids pass it by.  It is truly a good and fast read!  If it says anything about the book, I read it three times, in a row!  I rarely read a story twice!   True, I wanted to deck out Petey’s parents, and most of the people that ran the institution, but Petey’s attitude and spirit for life  is infectious!  I highly encourage youth and youthful at heart to read these two fabulous books!


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  1. The Trumpet of the Swan is one of my favorites. 🙂 Good taste…

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