This Blog Has A New Home

We moved my blog over here to  last week.  The new posts I write will still be fed onto OHSU’s blog page, however I have more freedom  to be creative over here.

I think you will notice some nice features.  I can dress up my psage so it will reflect my personality.  I am able event categories for the different topics that I write on.  It works, I have tested it out.  If you scroll a little down the page you will see the lists of categories on your right.  Just click on the category that interests you, and all the posts on that subject will appear.  Is that cool, or what!

You may notice that most of the posts are dated on the same day.  I am nowhere nearly that prolific with my writing.  It just reflects  the date the posts were transfered to this site.    You will find the true date each post was created right underneath the dateline.  At somepoint I may fix the dates, so you may hold off adding my blog to your personal blog reader.  If you have not heard of a blog reader, it was developed  for people who like reading multiple blogs.  Instead of visiting each blog site, you can set up a blog reader on most e-mail programs.  Whenever a new entry is posted it will show up in your reader.  It saves on checking on your favorite blog to see if it has been updated .  In my opinion, Google’s Reader is the easiest to set up. 

Another exciting fact about driving to is that now family, friends, and interested readers can now post comments so much easier here.  I will try hard to answer yourcomment in a timely fashion!