Restocking My Cupboards; Entering a Madhouse

I want to end my trilogy to the winter blast of 2008.  I believe the following story will shed a lot of light into what it can be like when I go grocery shopping.  

The Saturday after Christmas, I had no food in my house.  So, I made a ride to go shopping.  I wanted to be at the store for two hours.  However, the bus picked me up late.  Adding to the time was the fact that both the driver and my personal assistant had to chip out a path before the power wheelchair could reach the bus!  

By the time I got there I  only had one hour before my ride to pick me up was due.  The recent bad weather drew everyone to the store that day.  It was a madhouse.  Getting things on my list was difficult because everyone was in my way.  At first, I bypassed all the heavily crowded isles, but time was ticking so I plunged into the masses.  People are aggressive when it comes to restocking their cupboards after being stuck at home by a winter storm, and the treat of another one hitting! 

It was amazing, people were walking in front of me, and cutting me off.  Hello!  Did they notice that I was driving a 200 pound power wheelchair?  I once took a class that taught me how to use the power chair as a weapon in case I ever needed to protect myself.  So, I know I could hurt someone if I ran into them.  Were the other shoppers in such a hurry that they were willing to get hit by a power chair?   Again, I am assuming they must think I’m a darn good driver.  Sometimes, I wonder what people are thinking when they step in of me! 

There were only a few more items left on my list, and I was beginning to relish the idea of escaping from the masses.  I was exiting an isle when a high school friend and her husband approached me.   At this point I had twenty minutes left before the half hour waiting time for my ride home started.  Of course, she wanted to talk a bit.  Why is it that whenever I don’t have time that is when people want to chat.  I like and need more than just a few minutes to talk with my friends, because communicating with my communication device can take a  lot of time!    When we finished the conversation I had about ten minutes left. lot

I got the last essential things, and was waiting in line to pay for the groceries; when I  heard my name being paged. I have a theory!  I suspect the the bus service has me hooked up to a GPS which monitors my sweat glands.  If I’m sweating profusely, dispatch notifies the drivers to pick me up right away.  If I am as cool as a cucumber, that’s when dispatch will tell the drivers to take their time in getting to me!  (Of course, they don’t really do that, but from time to time it sure feels like what they are doing!) 

I had my personal assistant go talk to the bus driver.  When she got back she said the driver would go around the block and then wait 5 minutes.  My body went rigid, and bang, I instantly got a nasty  headache.  I didn’t know if I should stay in line or abandon my cart.  I could have asked a clerk to put the cart into cold storage, and had one of my sisters pay for the groceries later.  I decided to stay in line, and risk losing my immediate ride home.  

When the driver came back he saw that I was paying for my groceries.  I saw an attitude change in him when he saw me. He was kind and waited for me after all.  I didnt have to wait 2 or 3 hours for another ride home, however the headache remained for the rest of the day.


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  1. Jan!!

    Finally I find you on line. Your blog is wonderful and I can’t wait to read the achives and get up to speed. I’m trying to navigate around-I don’t know what a feed is but will get it figured out.

    Talk to you soon.


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