Escaping at Last!


Thirteen days of being trapped inside my home, and I’m finally being freed!  Hallelujah, amen!  I could not have gotten out if it wasn’t for my brother-in-law John, and one of my personal assistants; they literally had to dig a path out for me.  Three inches of snow turned into a stunning six inches beside the sidewalk! 


I was so elated to be outside in the fresh, crisp air.  The snow was so glaringly white, I had to squint my eyes.    My sister, Marilyn helped me to transfer into the car.  I pretended to have strong roots so that my feet slide out from under me. (I always believe in the power of positive thinking!)  I love leather seats in cars, because my bottom just slides right into place, and I was again thankful that my brother-in-law has good tastes in choosing cars!     The parking lot was a mess of snow and ice; none of my neighbors had been too ambitious about digging out to freedom. 


I thought once we got out to the main road everything would be smooth sailing, but no the roads were still treacherous and very bumpy with snow and ice.   John was sweet  and drove my personal assistant down the hilll to the transit center so she could catch a bus.  It’s amazing what three inches of snow, tire chains, and two weeks worth of bad weather can do to roads, potholes were  popping up everywhere!  The car hit some jarring ruts, and we psssed some downed trees which made me aware that an iced limb could come crashing down on us. Definitely not a comforting image!  I absurdly thought, oh just take me back home where I am nice and safe!  We made it safely my sister’s house, which is the opposite direction of the transit center, and about two and a half miles from my apartment.  Again, we gingerly made it into the house. 


We were there for about two hours when the electricity went off.  Marilyn had just put two pumpkin pies, two loaves of homemade bread, and our traditional delicious Christmas Eve casserole  into her ovens.  She was fit-to-betide herself!  She didn’t know if she should leave everything in the ovens or what.  I was fit-to-betide myself, because even though I wasn’t without food at home, the pickings there was getting scarce, and I was salvating with anticipation of the delicious meal! 


I think maybe an half hour passed when we saw a PGE truck turning around in Marilyn’s driveway.  Marilyn went to investigate, and just as she shut the door, the LTD light on my communication device went off.  I nearly jumped out of my skin.  It’s not that I am afraid of the dark, it’s just that when the two things happened instantaneously, it felt a little unsettling!   I’m sure another person would have jumped, too.  My Pathfinder gives off a lot of light: some people have even told my that it lights up like a Christmas tree, although I fail to see the comparison.  John got their generator started, however the oven couldn’t run off it.  At least I could continue reading my book; I had something to do other then dwell on the dinner that might not happen.  Another forty minutes passed when the PGE truck turned around in the driveway again.  I had a feeling that they had found the problem, and the electricity would be back on very soon.  Within fifteen minutes the power gloriously went on. 


As soon as John switched the electricity back on, Marilyn was turning on her oven.  However, her large oven didn’t want to work.  There was some tense moments in the house.  John thought that maybe a fuse had blown.  My nephew who was really hungry from working hard on the farm all day, wanted to kick the oven.  Whoever started beating appliances to get them working again, must have been one desperate person, right?    Even though I agreed with my sister that he shouldn’t kick the oven, the desperate part of me wanted to help my nephew kick the energy back into the oven!  Finally Marilyn set the clock on the stove, and the oven decided to work.  There was a collective sigh of relief from all four of us, and soon enough we were relishing in consuming a wonderful delicious meal.   


 While our food was digesting we watched the movie, A Christmas Story.  My Christmas wouldn’t be complete without seeing this movie at least three times! 


Happy Holidays! 



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