Knowledge is Power #1


 I have decided to periodically write about words or assumptions people have that really bug me.   I’m premiering, Jan’s vocabulary Tips of do’s and don’ts, and other such trivia. 


My first word is,  powerchair.  My powerchair gives me the freedom to get me outside and into the community, without being pushed in a manual wheelchair under someone else’s power. 


When I got my first powerchair, I immediately went to the places I had wanted to explore.  The barnyard sat high on my list, and was readily available   I was twelve, okay my world was the farm.  Within fifteen minutes I found myself stuck among the sawdust piles.  Oh, the joy of discovery! 


I do not own an electric chair, as they are solely found in prisons.  When someone refers to my powerchair as an electric wheelchair, I get this vivid mental snapshot of me strapped to you-know-what!   So, now that you know, pass the knowledge around! 


Here is my disclaimer!  Some people may actually like the term, “electric wheelchair”.  Just use your best judgment when picking out the words you are about to say. 


While I am at it, I would like to tell readers that what you are reading comes straight from my life experiences, my thoughts, and ever so randomly my beliefs will seep into my writing as well.  It is not my wish change anyone’s minds.  I just want people think about things differently for a few seconds, or maybe longer!  I gladly welcome your comments!  However, please don’t send comments that you wouldn’t want to receive yourself.    .   

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  1. You crack me up
    Ha! I never thought of it this way. I guess I do call my dad’s chair a “power” chair but I wonder how he’d react if I called it an “electric chair”. He’d probably flop around like he was being electrocuted to tease me. See, now I kind of want to see that. I do know this- after he got his power chair I practically have to sprint to keep up with him. No more asking “Dad, hold my purse” while I push. He needs a little sidecar for my niece. She is too big for his lap and too small to run alongside him!
    Amy Cline at 12/18/2008 10:09 AM

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