In Honor of Veterans Day


I went out to lunch with Mom and Dad this past Sunday before Veterans Day. There was a crowd waiting to be seated. A woman held the restaurant door open for Mom, Dad and me. I think she was teasing when she said she would open the door for us if we promised not to take their table. I Laughed. The woman and her husband were waiting outside for the crowd to dwindle.

After a few seconds, the couple entered the restaurant. For some reason Dad started talking to them. He told the man that he was 82 years young, and that he was grateful to be able to get out and about like he was. Dad also told the gentleman that he was a World War 11 Veteran. The man immediately thanked Dad for the service that he provided for the United States. Just at that moment, a waitress called the couple’s name. The woman asked the waitress to seat us first. Before we started off for the table Dad and I both thanked the couple. I noticed that the waitress sat the couple down a few tables over from us. I also noticed that the couple was served their meal before us. I smiled, they were already reaping for their good deed!

We were halfway finished with our lunch, when a waitress came and squatted down at the end of our table. She had tears in her eyes as she told us that our entire tab had been paid for by a gentleman who wanted to thank Dad for fighting for our country the way he did, when he was just barely eighteen years old. Dad, Mom and I all had tears spilling from our eyes.

Dad said, “See, there still are some good people around!” However, the way I see it, it’s the power of the Christmas spirit! It’s all around us everyday! Sometimes we just see the spirit more clearly.

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3 Responses

  1. Aww….
    Jan! This is such a great story! You had me in tears, too.
    Amy Cline at 11/14/2008 10:50 AM

  2. That’s a beautiful story. It was so nice to see you at the Market today! Thanks for telling me about your blog. I’ve really enjoyed hearing your narrative voice.

    • Thank you, Castle. “In Honor of Veterans Day” is my favorite post! The time with my Dad was priceless that day! It was great to see you in early June, was it? I’m grateful I at least have a narrative voice. It’s good to relay on my writing to get my thoughts out. Especially, when I’m going through rough trying times, when my vocal cords can’t even seem to squeak! : ) JS

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