My Duke

I have some sad news!    Duke, my handsome dog and  constant companion for ten years died suddenly near the end of October.  We were both over at a friend’s house when it happened.  Earlier that day he was all puppy like, butt and tail wagging, grinning ear to ear happy to be going somewhere, so puppy like.    It always put a  smile on my face to see  him so happy!
Throughout the day however,  I noticed  something was off about him.  Well, it had been coming on for months, but I didn’t want to see it! . I won’t go into it, but by eight o’clock he was gone, and I was numb! 
 I’m so grateful We weren’t at home and alone when it happened.  I do not think I could handle living at home if Duke had passed there.  One of my friends living  living in the house is a Native American, and he took care of Duke at the very end.  Charlie got Duke out of the house, cleaned him up, wrapped Duke up in an Indian blanket, and offered up a prayer. 
Both of my sisters and a nephew were able to come to my aid shortly afterwards.  I couldn’t cry in my friend’s house, but once I was in Carol’s car, the tears came.  The hardest moments  are those times when I forget for a second that Duke is not here anymore, and I start to to call him.  I feel like he’s still right here beside me; I just can not feel or see him any more.  I have lots of memories of Duke, and that’s what is getting me by now! 

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