There is A First For everything


I thought I would try putting together a slide show to go with my presentation on Self Determination.  I selected certain pictures throughout my lifetime that showed me being determined. 


This little project of my concoction proved to be very maddening for me.  I wanted the pictures to be in   chronological order.  However, because I had a couple pictures that were different from the rest, one was a poloroid picture and the other one a cut up picture taken from a scrapbook, the order was all mixed up.  Try as I might, I couldn’t get the CD to save the photos in the sequence I wanted. 


I had my personal assistant take the CD back to the store to see if they could help her get the prints in order.  The clerk sent her back home saying that we could arrange the pictures at home on my computer, and then e-mail the file in the correct order to the store.  I could then pick up the CD by 10 AM the next morning.  I was to give my presentation at 1:30 that same day!  After I finished calculating all the times I needed to be where, I realized it was possible to pick up the CD and still arrive at the Partners In Policymaking class well ahead of 1:30. 


When I went to pick up the CD, I insisted on previewing the CD before I bought it.  My heart sank; the photos still were not in the right order.  I was upset beyond upset.  I did not want to pay for the second CD, but in my hurried state, I just paid for the darned thing. 


I arrived at the class while they were breaking for lunch, which was fantastic because I had not taken the time to eat breakfast, and I was hungry.  However, I barely ate much, I was too concerned with what I was going to do with the slIde show.  I considered not using it.  Then when the class resumed, I suddenly had a brilliant idea.  I had maybe forty minutes to pull it off, while about five of the participants from the class gave presentations centered around their lives. 


I catched bits and pieces of the presentations.   One woman said she had thought about making a slide show, but she believed it would cause her too much frustrattion.  I wanted to shout, “Amen, I hear you sister!”  She went on to say that she just took her pictures, frames and all straight from the walls of her home.  I thought, why didn’t do that!  What was I thinking, have few pictures to share.  trying to pull off a slide show, when I obviously had no idea how to do it? 


This is how I presented the slide show: 


I have a few pictures depicting my determination over the years  for you to view.  These  pictures are not in the order that I want them to be in.  So, you can see if you can figure out what pictures I’m talking about.  


I lived on a dairy farm.  My 4H project taking care of a Guernsey cow. 


I graduated from high school. 


I dreamed about getting a dog.  I ended up raising a dog.  His name is Duke. 


My aunt decided that I could drive their tractor, and so with a little persuasion, I drove it. 


I went to Hawaii, and had a fabulous time. 


I went to the beach, and if you have ever tried to take a wheelchair on the beach, you know it takes determination!  Not forgetting the fact that it was near freezing that day! 


Side note:  I have not included my graduation picture here, because it’s black and white and I look terribly


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